Yum-yum in my Tum-tum

The other day I went to lunch with my sister at Glendale. We went to a place she’s been raving about since (oh, perhaps so many days and weeks, I’ve totally lost count). Any who, on that other day, she asked what I would like to have for lunch. And I suggested something that isn’t fried or involves burgers. We thought Thai might be a good choice, but we’ve been eating out too much on noddles and decided to pass up on it.

Yummy: This was our plate and it was filled with chicken and beef luna, long grain white rice, pinna bread, hummas, and salad with ranch sauce.
Yummy: Our plate had chicken and ground beef lula, long grain white rice, pita bread, hummas, and salad with ranch sauce.

So I brought up one of her so-called favorite place in Glendale called Kabab Way. And she agreed and we headed out there.

When we arrived in the parking lot, I’ve noticed it was pretty narrow because there are high walls that guard the car’s path on either side. And to enter, the car must follow the one way direction or else the car will have difficult in parking in the individual stalls.

After we’ve parked the car, we entered the restaurant. The set-up of the place feels like a fast food joint because the customer orders off the menu that’s located in front and above them. We ordered the chicken and ground beef lula combo plate that comes with a side dish of long white grain of rice, a salad (choice of dressing: ranch or house; we chose ranch), two pita bread, and we substituted grilled vegetables with hummus.

It took a while for our food to arrive; however, when it arrived it wasn’t disappointing. The chicken was very flavorful and tender from the first to the last bite. The beef was another delight, full of flavor and easy to chew through. The long white grain of rice was light and fluffy and balanced out the flavor from the meats. The other two items in the dish: the salad and bread helped further balance out the three  parts of the meal.

The proportion of the dish was generously large for two people. And it turned out that that meal was enough to satisfy both of us (even though I was the most hungry).

The food was well-prepared and had a diverse, yet balance taste for each item; the service was fair; the place was quite positive; the price paid to enjoy all this: quite reasonable. Overall, I’ll definitely come back again.

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