A Milestone Tribute

Hello Reader!

Today marks the 4 year anniversary and 100th post of the Lincoln Press blog!

Thank you for your support for these past four years. Without you, I wouldn’t have as much of a thrill to seek out for the adventures and tell the stories to someone like you who’ll actually listen.

Over the course of the years, I’ve seen this community blog move from a small page thing that’s flowing about in cyberspace, to becoming a fairly frequented website where devoted readers like yourself returns (either directly to this webpage or simply read it from email or through an rss news feed) to get a weekly dose of the latest post.

But I do have a confession to make before we can progress forward. Writing isn’t easy – even though I’ve practice it every single day (along side with my odd doodles) – it’s always a challenge for me to think and re-think on how I’m going to form the best way to express what I’m about to say next. However, I do take pleasure – even though it has its ups and its downs – in writing this blog and sharing a post with you every week.

Let’s make a promise: as long as you’re willing to spend at least once a week with this blog, I’ll continue to do my best to update it so you’ll get to enjoy new content every week. Sounds like a good deal to me, unless, of course you don’t want me to update…. of course you do!

Now let’s move forward and get to the next 100th and beyond post for this blog!

Good day, dear reader!

See you on the next post up: Thur., Nov. 14th!




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