The Headless Lincoln

Yes, it’s not Halloween anymore. No, this is not another ghost story.

This is about the headless Abraham Lincoln statue that stands inside the high school  building of Lincoln. Lincoln’s head as I’ve been told by a student was taken off by pranksters as a senior joke. However, the joke thus far has been on the school since the statue still stands headless inside the building.

The headless Lincoln addresses the crowd as they pass through the building's hallway.
The headless Lincoln addresses the crowd as they pass through the building’s hallway.

The question that comes to mind is: why won’t the school just take down the statue all together since the display of the headless Lincoln is quite an eye sore to see when one is passing by it in the hall way? It makes no sense to have a historic figure representing the school without its head. And quite honestly, it’s embarrassing for the school to have it there because it already sends a negative message to those visiting the campus, which isn’t something any school want on their reputation – let alone on their conscious. But that’s just my opinion and a thought I think worth sharing.

Next week I won’t be posting anything since it’s Thanksgiving holiday. But there shall be a new post on the following week.

’till then, Happy Thanksgiving and may you enjoy it safely with your friends and family!

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2 thoughts on “The Headless Lincoln”

  1. I think they should keep the statue in place. More than that, the school and community should have a conference on the Headless Lincoln. It opens up important new questions for all of the students and community to think about. Who was Lincoln, what does he stand for, and what does that mean to us today? And, what kind of person or persons would trash the memory of an American like Lincoln, who would support that person, and how do we respond both as students and as a community? Do we accept it, or reject it? Are we for human freedom and opportunity, or are we for violence, murder and neo-slavery?

    1. Exactly. I agree, there needs to be a conference about the matter. Lincoln’s missing head, even though it may be a joke, is a disrespect to our historic figure who stood for an ideal change that may not have been possible without his leadership.

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