Managing Health Information

There seems to be a dilemma when it comes to obtaining useful information about personal health: one either gets too little or too much insight into the subject.

For the last two weeks I’ve been posting about the subject, I’ve noticed how critical misinformation or shall I say, the misuse of information (whether it is lacking or it is overwhelmingly piling up too much information) can lead viewers to either automatically shutdown or be led astray on the dangerous path towards questionable resources, especially when it’s coming off from the internet or through the working miracle of television advertisement or any media medium commercials.

But sometimes, the habit of either wanting to know too little or too much about health in itself – unfortunately, can also be a horrible habit to develop. Take for example, the common cold one gets from the change of the season. Sure, it’s a pain to catch it (or sometimes it may be even irritating to sit next to someone with a cold) simply because you don’t want to catch it. And to keep one from catching it or if symptoms starts to show up, one would do two or a few more things: one would start to take in more liquid, wear more sets of clothing, stay away from open windows and lock the doors, and prefer to take warm meals and beverage over cold ones, and of course if one were to take the action a little more seriously, one would also take a few pills for their cold and would also look up additional information to help speed up their recovery time (again, those are perhaps more severe cases, which depicts an extreme case for those who take their health seriously).

Of course, I’m not saying taking precautionary care on health is a bad thing or something one would need to re-examine, but a simple moderate action of knowing where to draw the line between keeping it simple and a straight forward procedure rather than a major fuzz would be the separation of difference.

And of course this is not a complete conclusive post either. My question is what do you take as a precautionary action towards understanding your own health status? Do you look things up when you’re unsure about something and/or do you talk with a health care professional about it? Look forward to your comments, thoughts, and your side of the story.

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2 thoughts on “Managing Health Information”

  1. It can become more problematic when people don’t have access to healthcare and turn to the Internet as a source of information and advice. Of course enter any number of symptoms on a symtpom checker and you’ll almost always end up with some mysterious or serious illness as a possibility in the resulting list.
    Personally, I always want to know more but I choose my sources carefully. I will research a subject for fun because I actually like reading up on medical topics.

    1. Thanks for sharing your insight. And I agree that it can be problematic when people look up symptoms of their current illness and find more illness added on their current one. And what’s even more frustrating is that people without access to medical care (which I look forward in seeing that changed within the next 2 to 5 years) is that the illness is a guess and check without any direct answers.

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