Winter Home-cation

With a limited budget on travels, I’ve decided to make the best of what I have this holiday season’s travel plans and activities – even if it means staying close to home.

It'll be nice to see the view from that angle at Pasadena.
It’ll be nice to see the view from that angle at Pasadena.
Lunch at Alhambra.
Lunch at Alhambra.
X-mas decoration at Union Station.
X-mas decoration at Union Station.
Snowing at Glendale.
It’s “snowing” at Glendale!

Before I start drooling down a list and making quick summaries and (perhaps boring you about my recent activities and plans and blah, blah, blah…..) I think being realistic with what I can do and making an effort to enjoy them is perhaps a better approach in providing one with an idea in having some fun when one shares the same or similar situation as me.

Living in the community of Los Angeles, fortunately, I’ve learned to get around in different communities and get insights and enjoy what a particular community has to offer. And so far what I’ve received and learned from the people who live and work there has opened and continue to keep my eyes, mind, and ears open.

And since I’m living in a community where people from other places want to visit (hey, that’s a bonus because that saves me the time and travel fees in making friends with people from diverse places since they’re coming here and not the other way around) which helps give me an idea of people from a global community when I meet them.

On a positive note, taking off on a home-cation, there’s no need to worry about jet lags from different time zones, feeling uncomfortable or awkward in strange sleeping places, eating odd food choices, and don’t have to worry about additional hidden cost – and best of all, there’s no additional stress or nervousness that comes with travel since one will be back at the comfort of one’s home.

Wishing you a safe and happy winter holiday and a happy 2014 new year!

See you next year on Thur., Jan. 2nd!


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