Under Employed, Unemployed: A Narrative

Job searching while on the job. From photographer Craig Sunter at Flickr.
Job searching while on or off the job. From photographer Craig Sunter at Flickr.

The job market sucks. No surprise here.

Looking for a decent full time – part time – quarter time….. awwwwww!!! The thought of simply looking for a job is a pain all by itself, minus the process of going through one.

And before you roll your eyes, and think: damn, you think you have it rough? Think again.

Maybe I don’t have it quite as rough as others, but I know the odds are stacked against me and the others when it comes to successfully landing a job, let alone getting offered one, that comes with some benefits and a modest salary is almost a fantasy in today’s time, unless of course, one has inside connections with an underground club (more power to ya, buddy!)

But of course, I’m referring to us, the average or perhaps the slightly above average Joe Smoe who’s hunting day in and day out, well, mostly with whatever time we have and using it to seek for some job position that will slightly dim our burning desire as we see fit.

And of course, no matter what field or profession you get into there’s always a catch, isn’t there? And I don’t mean the kind of catch where you’re caught with your pants down, no – far from it. I’m talking about the circus description you see when you come across some  application for a particular job position where it’s almost impossible to have obtain its requirement even before qualifying to apply for the position – in other words, the lack of experience to get the job that you need experience from.

Yeah, it’s hard to shake off the feeling of being down when you’re feel stuck in the pits knowing you cannot even apply for a more particular stable position.

Take me for example. A college graduate who have had my share of the ups and downs in holding on to a decent job position. Currently, I am working as a clerk in the city’s library. Now before you start thinking I am rolling in money – there is a catch – my position is a substitute one, which means the hours varies depending on work time availability, which does not average out much (about 8 hours a week; if lucky, a little more). I know it is not much, but I work with what I have in the present while searching for other potential positions to make ends meet.

Wish me luck, ’cause next week we will see what happens on this journey as I recount it on the next post on Thurs., Jan. 16th!


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