The Continuation of Being Under employed, unemployed: The Narrative

Job hunt: an on-going process that have no end.  Photo from
Job hunt: an on-going process that have no end.
Photo from

Job searching is a pain. It really is.

I do not care how beautiful the layout of the website or a classified section is or how well someone shape the words out of one’s mouth may make it appear – bottom line is: job searching is a pain.

There is no need for me to explain it or go into details about it because anyone who has gone through the experience knows it or someone who can imagine going through the process of searching and looking and browsing and seeking while shifting from one page after another or clicking through webpages while inquiring about a possible position after another on hours long end will come to learn and understand the pain.

It is a pain, I must confess, which I have become almost too familiar with during the progress of trying to attain a possible, stable position.

The facial expression says it all.  Photo from Craig Sunter at Flickr
The facial expression says it all.
Photo from Craig Sunter at Flickr

And every time I send an inquiry or phone in one, I simply tell myself ‘okay, it’s sent; don’t know if I have a shoot, but it’s sent and the rest is up to the organization.’ Or if it is a phone inquiry (which is rare at this time of age, since job searching is done primarily through the internet) I would say, ‘I’ve made my voice heard, and let’s see how it goes.’

Of course, there is always that little voice at the back of my head giving myself either a benefit of a doubt or the doubt itself of whether I get the position or not. But of course, to make it easy on myself, I try, and I really do mean I give myself a good solid pat on the shoulder to remind myself not to take this job search, or game, which takes some of the stress and tension off, too seriously.

But this on and off again pattern that continues throughout the course of the process has taken its toll on me personally as I some times find myself feeling frustrated, angry, hopeless, and eventually just gazing indifferently at the computer screen that is hooked into cyber space which does not have any affection for the person on the other end of it.

And this pattern, not surprisingly, have caused job seekers to simply give up and leave the game entirely since there are no positive results coming in from their time and effort spent on the search. And some, I would even advocate in believing a handful of them may be the ones who have committed suicide on the train tracks that has caused the buzzing through the news network, reporting young people simply throwing themselves in front of the train since their search for a comfortable, stability financial life has been unsuccessful.

All this work is simply a big headache.  Photo from
All this work is simply a big headache.
Photo from

I hate to sound so pessimistic, but this is reality. The job market sucks, no matter how hard one looks into it, there is very little good that comes from it. It seems like the old saying, in this case, is true: things are going to get worse before it gets any better. And the people in this generation and myself included are going to have to learn how to develop a strength, a strong immune system to endure this non-sense of chaos, which we do not have complete control of as individuals since we can only play our part while either being under employed, unemployed, or both.

Let’s hang in there, we can do this. Mind over matter, as the old cliche goes, mind over matter because you can accomplish anything when you set your mind to it. And when you can do that, you can achieve your goal(s).

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