Conclusion of Under Employed, Unemployed: A Narrative

As the old, ever exhausted cliche goes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am referring to the last two weeks’ posts I have been ranting, slanting, and perhaps by now I should be chanting my personal struggles in this current job market which has done its best to drown my mind, physical body, and my spirit in its sea of negative outlooks.

However, I have been fortunate enough to have a number of life jackets and lines to hold on to, as family members and close friends of mine have provided me generous support ensuring that I do not disappear completely into this vast sea of negativity.

With the strength of support on my side, I am grateful and feel somewhat confident in giving myself another shot at the opportunity table to explore different means of landing a possible position within the near distant future.

The key word is opportunity. It may not always be easily recognized, and of course there is no formulated picture or equations on how to find it. However, in my case, finding opportunity in this current job market involves using as much accessible resources as possible to allow an opportunity to come into fruition. And so far, the largest contributor has and perhaps will always be the ability to retain support from the people who is the closest. And thus the support reduces the personal emotions that is attached from the turmoil of being in the job market of today.

This journey has not come to an end, however, it is only the beginning and I know there are going to be some opportunities to obtain once I learn to recognize them.

Next week the blog is going to focus on something more positive because the Lunar New Year is upon us! And this would be an opportunity for one to re-start the year and make it a better one! Sun Ni Fa Lo, indeed!

New post up: Thurs., Jan. 30th


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