Paying Those Bills Without Visiting ’em in Person

A cool breeze past by me on a Saturday morning as I walk down Daly St.

On my walk I encounter two famous utility buildings: the department of Water and Power and the Gas Company.

Just think, in the days before internet, one would need to pay by snail mail (some still do) as an only option to avoid going and waiting in line with others.

DWP's Classy Building on Daly St.
DWP’s Classy Building on Daly St.

Boy, those were the days when one’s presence is required because the bills got shuffled in a patch, and requires immediate arrangement to get things settled.

Now everything’s done with a quick click or a ring and a quick chat and things get settled, right?

Most of everything is as easy as that. However, there are a few things that still requires an old fashion manual labor to get things done.

Depending on the situation, there are matters that requires one to make decisive choices and take bold actions so one can get the message across and have the matter taken care of.

A utility company which requires no introduction at Daly St.
A utility company which requires no introduction at Daly St.

Ah, the good old days indeed. However, let’s not dwell too much on the past since we now have a few more choices to choose from so to get our utility bills taken care of without having to show up in person to settle the matter (unless, it gets that serious, which makes me think about the DWP or DMV sometimes when you need to speak with them immediately and all you get is a l-o-n-g wait while they play you a nice soothing tune).

It is a decent start when it comes to knowing not having to visit your local utility company so to settle a dispute, unless it is really, really necessary.

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One thought on “Paying Those Bills Without Visiting ’em in Person”

  1. I agree, public services like Power, Water, and the DMV as well as city departments like building permits and everything else can be a bit daunting since we don’t interact with them every day. But personally I like to look at the functionality or dysfunctionality at these places, like they were some kindof private enterprise business, and I’ve been looking at them that way for a long time. And after awhile I realized that what I was seeing was pretty amazing. A tree fire hazard left on a hillside? They get out and remove it. The DMV? The one I visit now in Long Beach has had its ups and downs with some tightening of the staffing the last 4-5 years. But the one in Lincoln Heights always knocked me out with its tight function and professionalism. My comparison is always with always a private company alternative, but nothing in my experience could beat the Lincoln Heights DMV office. I don’t think people working in these industries get much credit for excellence but, wow, a lot of them are really very good. I think we need to have some kind of public service recognition day. Maybe as a total surprise. It could be fun, and we need more fun for sure.

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