Revisiting Chinatown’s Latest Commerical Project

Standing upon the Chinatown platform waiting for the Gold Line train to arrive, I looked out and see the future site of the soon to be Blossom Plaza. As I gazed upon its construction, I thought to myself ‘the location for the plaza is excellent and the owner and its investors of the place is going to earn quite a bundle back.’

Why? The Blossom Plaza will be the first attraction people are going to see from the train’s window every time the train pulls in and out of the station, and second people can get there using the train, of course, and can stroll briefly into the plaza itself.

A Bird Eye's Point Of View: Watching the Blossom Plaza under construction from Chinatown's Goldline station.
A Bird Eye’s Point Of View: Watching the Blossom Plaza construction from Chinatown’s Gold Line station.

This project will be the most expensive and biggest one yet which aims on improving the Chinatown’s commercial community. Over 100 million dollars were invested into the 17,500 square feet plaza, and one can bet it is going to be the next big thing that will generate plenty of attention as the project comes closer towards completion.

Although the vision of the project is not finalized due to its creative development process, one can imagine that it will be something that merges both the sentimental essentials of yester-year traditions with today’s contemporary style which will serve as an influence on how the plaza will look like and what services and products will be offered to future guests.

As the electric buzz soon fills the air, I realized the train has arrived. I stepped into it, took my seat next to the window, and watch from it as my eyes were still drawn to the project’s  site. The train slowly resumes its speed as it continues to make its way towards the next stop. All I can do is watch and wait to see what happens next.

Next Post Up: Thur., Mar. 6th


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