Tales Of One City (Two of Three)

Commercial Community

If I said the word ‘Chinatown’ to you,

what is the first thing or image that comes immediately to mind?

Chinese people, oriental food, lion or dragon dances, or

century old buildings, a vague image combination of one and the other, perhaps?

As a commercial community, Chinatown is a complete jack of all trades, or in this case a jack and jill of all exchanges in services and products for most of every possible needs.

Unlike the private community of Chinatown, as covered in last week’s post, the commercial community appears to have no limits when it comes to further expanding itself when compared to the private one. Because there are more space to expand on, the commercial community takes pride accepting visitors and residents alike to its public community as they walk amongst its ground, breath its air – sharing overall their presence to the community every day.

The busy streets in the commercial community of Chinatown.
The busy streets in the commercial community of Chinatown.

And as the population grows bigger so does the public community itself. And this makes it difficult to judge whether it is the community that is adjusting to the people or vice versa since Chinatown is part of a city that has a diverse population of people and culture.

The commercial community of Chinatown is nevertheless growing. Its growth has nearly double its size before innovative projects enter the community. And as new projects begins to develop and take shape in and around the commercial community people too wants to take part in it as they adapt to a hybrid lifestyle.

More details about the hybrid lifestyle in Chinatown in the next post up: Thursday, March 20th



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