Tales Of One City (Final, Final Chapter)

On a lazy Thursday afternoon about 10 after six, you could almost hear the car traffic from downtown beginning to build up on Hill Street just outside of Chinatown Branch Library.

The slow but modestly built up traffic begins to grow louder and louder as one can hear multiple motor engines running together as they wait at the traffic light on the cross street of Ord (which crosses into Hill).

Waiting for the light to turn green again, one can only imagine most of everyone in the car are perhaps lost in catching up on their daydream about being at the comfort of their home again, and as far away from their workplace as much and as soon as possible.

Newly built Chinatown Lofts. A hybrid community that merges private and public community together.
Newly built Chinatown Lofts. A hybrid community that merges private and public community together.

And of course, as a commuter, it sure is a pain to go back and forth to work and face the usual routine: the long sit, the long stare, switching to different tracks and radio stations to find something decent to keep you mind off of the traffic (but not too distracting where your eyes leave the road, of course) – especially in L.A. traffic.

Of course, there are some commuters who have given up on the long commutes and have decided to live closer to the city. And to buy that kind of comfort, Chinatown has opened recently their apartment lofts to greet their former commuters and turned them into local residents.

Now former commuters and current residents are part of a hybrid community, where all the convenience stores and restaurants of this side of town are a short walk or bike ride away.

And the price to pay to buy this comfort you maybe asking yourself? A 6 months agreement that entails one to pay a $2,000 monthly rent. Yes, that is the price to pay to live in one of these newly built Chinatown lofts which overlooks the streets of Ord and Hill as the traffic begins to build up again at a little after 6 on any given week day, one would rather be watching traffic through one’s window at home instead of one’s car window.

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