No Reservation Parking

It is 8:30pm and I have been circling the community block twice for the past

fifteen minutes searching for a spot to park. As I round once more around the block

nothing has changed: the same cars line the streets and no one have came to

move or adjust their car’s position.

Cars are packed even on Humbolt St.
Cars are packed even on Humbolt St.

Seeing the continued effort would be pointless, I head towards the infamous street of Humbolt (the street where things go bump in the night, if not careful) and thought it may yield promising results.



But the desired result did not yield at all.

Of course, at this side of the community, Monday and Tuesday evenings are not anyone’s best friend since the morning after each of those days bring street cleaners and parking enforcers into consideration.

And like most commuters in the community like myself have to bite the bullet and circle around the streets and look for a decent spot to park and hope that one of us do not have to wake up four in the morning just to move our car so to avoid getting a parking ticket or worse have our car towed away simply because one of us parked at the wrong side of the street.

Next Post Up: Thur., Apr. 3rd



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