Something Goes Boom On A Sleepless Night

The other night I simply could not sleep.

There was nothing keeping me up: the lights were off, not a single sound was audible in the near distance – every possible outside distraction was off.

Everything appeared quiet until a loud screech ripped through the cold, quiet air and was followed by a loud bang that echoed through the community.

Of course there is no explanation needed to clarify what has just happened.

Wasted car on display at Humbolt St. and Ave 26.

But what remains a mystery is the owner’s whereabouts and what were the events that led up to the moment of impact on that night.

And it is not every day when anyone can simply see the evidence of an incident in broad day light which should have been gone.


Another question for this case would be would the police or the DMV unit be able to track the driver down?

Only time will tell.

Next Post Up: Thur., Apr. 10th

Front view of wasted car.






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