Invisible Workers

The name of the group of workers.
The name of the group of workers.

They are simply the street cleaners.

Their job is to keep the local streets swept, mostly free from trash,

and the trash can bins mostly empty before someone calls the city district about it.

They are not associated by their names, but are by the seemingly invisible work

they do that provides the benefit to everyone who walks or runs or jogs the streets

without tripping over the junk that may exist.

The men who work (invisibly) on the streets wear a bright red vest

and sometimes a cap on one’s head are the patrol officers, if you will,

on the streets, are not to be mistaken as street cones, are in charge of ensuring

little to none trash remains lying on the local streets.

Even if their work goes unrecognized

by the countless hours and energy spent over their somewhat mindless

work that provides them with pay that helps them settle their bills and

sets food on the table for the family and themselves.

These men who are not recognized by their names, but simply

by the work they provide on the streets, so long as they do not have their bosses

breathing down their necks, shall remain nameless, faceless, as they put in their time

and effort into their work.

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