Note: I Need to Exercise

It is hard to squeeze in formal physical exercise time into one’s busy schedule.

Because of this, I have learned to form a creative way of getting some physical

work out into my every day activities.

For instance, I live in a building with many, many stairs. Instead of taking the

elevator, I make myself take the stairs – and to challenge myself I take two

steps at a time and go from there ’till I reach the top. And when I walk to get my car,

I would, deliberately take a longer way to get to it so I would add more physical

activity into my schedule.

Yes, this may sound simple enough, but a little physical activity here and there

adds up to maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, when I am able to get

some more spare time, I would definitely take advantage of it by adding more intense

aerobic exercises, movements that will give myself a chance to not only break a

sweat, but also a chance to pump my heart rate up and give myself the extra work

out I need in staying fit.

An alternative way of adding more physical activity to the schedule will always

be playing a game or a sport like basketball, soccer, tennis, or the likes that will

get me off the couch and away from the computer screen or comic book and out

into the open where I can inhale “fresh air” (I added quotations because the city

can only give one so much) and enjoy being a part of something where it can help

me maintain my physical form and help me reshape my mental side.

Next Post Up: Thur., May 8th



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