On Community Envy

YES, the title explains it all – well, perhaps not on the specifics when it comes to the content of what I mean.

Okay. Have you ever been envious of another community when you visit it? And so much so, that you actually wish you lived in that community and actually have an instant daydream of yourself living there and before you know it, you realize how bad your community is compare to the one you have just dreamt about?

Yes, you are not alone. And no, I am not going to mention names and you should not either.

It takes some real courage and bravery to live in my community, especially when there is not much police figures or visible authority patrolling or walking about the streets – however, when there is one, the trouble is either gone or it has happened and the actor have already left way before the authority arrives on the scene.

But this experience makes anyone tougher than those who have no prior experience of this what so ever. And that would perhaps be the advantage of growing up in a rough community.

Next Post Up: Thur., May 15th





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