Tour of Lincoln Heights Fire Station

The sounds of chain echoes through out the silent garage of the Lincoln Heights Fire Station as I stood next to Chris Wan, the emergency medical personnel, as he opened the first and second garage doors of the place.

As more light enters into the garage, Wan guided me through the aisle as he talked about the vehicles and equipments firefighters and medical personnel uses in their daily profession. As we approach the fire truck, Wan pointed out that every truck has its own set of equipments. The fire truck Wan talked about is the ladder truck. Wan pointed out that firefighters continues to use wooden ladders over aluminum because wood will not melt and will be more durable.

As we walked around the ladder truck, Wan opened, slid and pulled on multiple doors and compartments and showed me numerous tools firefighters use. In addition, Wan informed me that firefighters not only need to be able to use and manage the tools, but also will need to know where all of them are and be able to find them immediately during all occasions especially emergency ones.

Wan ensured me that all firefighters and emergency personnel practice simulations and activities multiple times in order to be ready for the real events. They go from training their physical body to mentally preparing themselves so they will always be ready to manage any situation that may occur. And anything can happen indeed.

Wan tells me that this profession does take a great amount of physical energy from the individual. The carrying and moving around of equipments from one location to the next, as Wan describes it, does wear out the individual. In addition, the situation, on top of the physical wear, does put great amount of emotional stress onto one depending on what one’s seeing at the scene.

With all the challenges that comes from the profession, Wan says it’s important for the individual to have an interest or hobby to take one’s mind off of work when one’s off duty.

To be continued…

Next Post Up: Thur., May 22 May 29th



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