Brotherhood at the Fire Station

When the alarms are not going off and the garage doors are closed, the firefighters and medical personals like to take things easily.

Chris Wan, medical personnel, guides me towards the kitchen and tells me that this is where the real deal begins. He brought this up because each member of the house is responsible for cooking up a meal, when it’s one’s turn to contribute to the table. Another thing he mentions while on the tour to the kitchen is that it’s built away from every other room at the station. The designer unknown, but perhaps the design is intended not allow firefighters to cause a fire at their own place, which of course would be ironic.

Aside from eating, the boys like to keep in shape by spending time at the weight room and doing their exercises. And when it’s time to go, everybody gathers what they need and heads toward the garage by running down the stairs, or by sliding down the pole to get to their position.

All and all, when living with a group of firefighters and emergency personnel, Wan advises two things: keep things organize and cook a decent meal when it’s your turn to cook, and everybody will be happy.

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