The So-Called Parking Enforcer

The other day, after parking my car in my neighborhood, and walking towards my building, a car pulled up and a guy stuck his head out the passenger window and said, “hey, you live over there?”

I said, “yeah?”

“And you parked over here?”

What business does this guy have with where any residents or anyone park their car, right? So I played along and said, “yeah.”

In response he said, “well, you shouldn’t.”

And before he leaves, I shouted “I’m a resident and street parking is open to the public!”

Look, public street is open to anyone with a running car and is subject to change according to the street signs and its re-enforcers. Anyone outside of that who tries to contradict that is simply asking for trouble.

So should I encounter a similar situation again, perhaps a better approach would be to laugh and ignore anyone who’s simply a troublemaker with nothing to show for but loud non-sense.

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One thought on “The So-Called Parking Enforcer”

  1. Spot on. Unless, of course, you drive a 12-foot-high Cadillac Bloto RV El Dorado Gigante with a permanent gold-plated trailer hitch sticking out the back to whack in the front grille of
    everyone else parking in the neighborhood.

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