Japanese Anime Culture Invades Independence Day

Over the past holiday weekend I attended Los Angeles’ Anime Expo at the Convention Center.

To paint a picture of the experience think of it as visiting a huge indoor warehouse retail store incorporated with people walking in costume from their favorite manga / anime series and/or movie, working artists who performs on the spot, live panels of people currently in the Japanese entertainment industry, and of course a bunch of consumers/fans browsing and buying stuff and seeking autographs and photo ops with their favorite artist and/or cosplay characters.

Surprise at Anime Expo!
Surprise at Anime Expo!

And to separate themselves further from traditional American comic book and entertainment convention events, the expo’s hours are much more longer and they tend to go into the wee hours within the four days of the week’s event. It’s almost as if no one really sleeps during the week’s event – as a matter of fact, I spoke to some people at the event both consumers and workers and they confessed they have only slept less than 6 hours prior to attending the event since they have been looking forward to the event, or that they were watching and/or reading manga/anime they bought from the event.

If that were not enough entertainment, there were also video gamers at the expo. Although the main attraction and attention is mostly focused on anime and/or manga, video games, however, is still part of the picture. The only down side in this section is that there are no new releases or sneak previews of games. Most of the games available were either current, recently released, or released long ago for people to attend and play; and yes, there was even game cards and boards games on site as well – making it comfortable for all to join and play and perhaps meet new people at the site.

The manga/anime car that made old cars feel proud again.
The manga/anime and feature movie that made this car popular.

It’s not a bad way to spend a holiday as long as you’re into this kind of stuff, or if you’re trying it out for the first time. Perhaps I would attend the event again when it returns.

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