Industrial Revolution Reborn

The industrial warehouse next door.
The industrial warehouse next door.

It’s 7:30am.

The sunlight’s barely shining through the blinds of my room’s window.

I’m barely awake and I hear someone outside thundering away with a jack hammer.

The noise continues to escalate higher, higher and higher.

And as if that isn’t enough, voices of men shout out orders and whistle to each other to maintain the day’s agenda; machines, trucks, horns – you name it – all making a racket outside beneath my room.

How dare you enter my room within ear shot without permission or fair warning, and furthermore you have disrupted my community’s slumber and mine.

I understand you’re doing a job; however, it makes no sense for you to make a loud audible appearance and cause the community to suffer the pollution you create and will leave behind in your production of work.

All I ask of you, when you do decide to return, is to give the community a fair warning or note telling about your schedule appearance instead of making this an excuse of doing your job.

Next Post Up: Thur., Aug. 21st


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