A Living Chinatown

It’s 7:55 pm on a Sunday. The sky slowly dims to dark blue as the late summer sunlight begins to fade into the horizon.

The iconic landmark, New Chinatown plaza across the street sits quietly idle in the background as the noise from the crowd slowly simmers away leaving only the sound of traffic audible.

Businesses closed down for the evening.
Businesses closed down for the evening.

In the distance, the smell of barbecue smoke is noticeable as people in the plaza begins to close their businesses for the night and are getting ready to kick back with close friends and family to savor a special dinner together under the lit red lanterns and evening’s sky.

It’s different this time around. Somehow one does not miss the rush and bust moments while walking the streets in a less hectic Chinatown. The air around one is much more calmer and the breeze much cooler and easier to breathe.

Although the majority of businesses may be closed for the night, it’s still quite early to end it without having some dinner before calling it a night (some restaurants even opens an hour past midnight on weekends).

And if one’s not tired and wants to rock on through the night and perhaps into the early wee morning hours, one ought to head further into downtown and party there because Chinatown is still a place where people live and work and play.

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