Dramatic Change In East L.A.

On the corner of St. Louis and 1st St. in East Los Angeles I am standing in the midst between two recently expanded live theatre houses in the community. The main stage, Casa 0101 is across the street from me while the other one, little Casa is down the street from where I stand.

On this night, I am heading towards the main one to watch A Force To Be Reckoned With with my good friends Obed, Sam and Juan Carlos. The play’s about a woman Angela who becomes a lawyer and goes into trial for her former professor’s daughter while battling her own personal conflicts in her life. At the same time, the play also incorporates magic realism with characters like the Santa Ana Wind, El Nino, Mother Earth – to name a few – who steps in to explain the nature of things that occur through the spectrum of time and chains of human events. 

The play’s a good watch, the actors has done beautiful work bringing their characters to life, and the scenery, costume, and props are well established together, bravo! When an opportunity arises, I would definitely go back and re-watch the play before it ends; however, I will most definitely return and watch their presentation on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, opening October 17 – November 16.

Until then, the current one will be running until September 28, and this is one of many aspects that’s making East Los the place to visit!

Next Post Up: Thurs., Sept. 18th




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