School, school and more school

It’s quite fascinating to drive around in my community and see new schools open for sessions.

Before the public sector, namely LAUSD – not naming private schools – there were limited numbers of choices to get educated through an institute. Now there are Charter schools and other school districts and/or sectors open for competition in enrolling an overwhelming numbers of students into their programs.

And on my drives around the community, these schools have open doors to many students today who may not otherwise have had alternative choices to get an institutionalize education so to continue their path of learning and perhaps towards the path of gaining the opportunity in landing a better position towards a solid career and or begin an entrepreneurship.

Again it is fantastic to hear how well schools are performing and shaping young minds so to make today a better tomorrow – however, it is best to know that what school teaches are always to some extent practical to the current world.

Not saying theories are bad, but simply that theories without some practical advice or applications may be an ill way to realize its reality in the long term.

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