Salsa Back In Action!

Last week I returned to the salsa class that sparked my groove in the South L.A. community. Yes, Mr. DJ Pollo is back as the salsa dance instructor along with his team who operates the living project within the facility near the USC campus.

The class meets once a week every Wednesday evening at 6 and is open to the general public who wants to learn and/or wants to practice their salsa. And Mr. Pollo is doing a fantastic job in keeping the energy level high and moving around the room every single moment the class is in session. As always he works with a partner, who’s also a dance instructor, and she does a terrific job in demonstrating her creative knowledge in the dance.

The class is free, however, they ask in return for one to also give back. A simple recognition on Facebook, an easy like on their page is sufficient, a selfie while doing a physical activity and a contribution effort or role that demonstrates one’s action of serving the community where one lives or works in.

Group huddle: dance students of all skill levels come together to enjoy a wonderful evening!

A little contribution of time and effort towards a mini project or on a task of helping the community goes a long way. And as I am part of the salsa community and am keeping this blog alive, this will be a small part on my end to help contribute to the larger picture in shaping the local community of where I reside.

Next Post Up: Thurs., Oct. 9th


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