Trick or Treat, Seriously.

If one happen to walk the streets in my community, one will immediately noticed that there are a few changes made around the front lawns or windows from the people who lives here: there are lights and craved pumpkins and some ever green trees – yes, the holidays are back and are coming in and around every corner and people here are getting ready for them, especially the children. They sure know the days and will have no trouble reminding their adults – parents, teachers, and relatives about them.

That means one ought to have some bags of goodies (or some pieces of treats) ready to give when kids approach one’s door or makes a visit to the house.

Or one can simply do what others may do, turn off their lights off and ignored the kids when they arrive at one’s door. Or the other alternative would be to put a sign in front of one’s door and say “sorry, no candy this year” and put a sad face next to the message, and perhaps one should expect raw eggs and miles toilet papers flung all over one’s property for such an honest sign.

Perhaps Thanksgiving and X-Mas would be much better since it does not involve one getting their living places littered with unnecessary products if one gives out tricks instead of treats!

Next Post Up: Thurs., Nov. 6th


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