Comikaze at L.A. Convention

Weekend’s Super Powers!

The words to describe my weekend’s experience at Comikaze Expo would be fantastic, nerve-wracking, energy burning, and of course, fun!

This year’s Comikaze is packed with some super power artists from the comic book industry with names like Jim Lee, John Romita Jr., J. Scott Campbell, Rob Liefeld – to name a few. And to add to the line up, there are superstar legends from hit television shows such as the original animated Batman series, Power Rangers, 60’s Batman, Mad TV to contemporary time’s show like Game Of Thrones all present over the weekend to celebrate pop culture in America.

Out of the three days, Saturday is the most busiest day because everyone and anyone walking on the floor of the main show (or in the lobby area) is there and no one can avoid bumping or circling about another person since the crowd is quite large and there is only so much space available to move about.

Mike Kunkel, creator of Herobear and the kid meeting his readers and fans.
Mike Kunkel, creator of Herobear and the Kid meeting his readers and fans.

Fortunately, everything at the event went fairly well in terms of keeping people under control and making sure things do not go astray. However, there are a few things that I noticed at the event that did not go over well since I have been to a few cons. Simply two things: 1) the management of ticket has slow service; it took about a half hour to a near hour to get it. 2)  when a guest makes a sudden cancellation, the event does not mention it and tries to pretend nothing has happened (completely unacceptable).

Comikaze is a complete mirror image of the city of Angels: it can be hectic and crowded and confusing at times, but somehow, some way, people working and living in it manage to do it peacefully without causing too much trouble where the entire place has to be shut down.

Perhaps next season will be much better, but for now it will do for the time being.

Next Post Update: Thurs., Nov. 13th


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