Industrial Marked Zone

A green banner, almost camouflaged amidst the multiple green leaves from the trees, hangs above a public street light that reads: Historical Lincoln Heights Industrial Zone near the current residential apartment complex.

The Official Band That Says It All.
The Official Band That Says It All.

And right across the street from the complex, is the never ending, working in process factory that continues to rattle living near by residents awake in the early wee hours.

The workers occasionally heard yelling at each other over the loud operational noise of machines, wears an orange hard hat and a reflective yellow and black stripe vest over their plain t-shirt, have on a pair of dusty, faded blue jeans and continues to walk up and down the side walk in their occasionally dusty or muddy pair of boots.

In this community the poverty rate for individual is 36%, and to make this hybrid community work, where working and personal living conditions are mixed, a document called the Lincoln Heights Industrial Zone, Management District Plan 2011 – 2020 implements an adaptable balance to help the two conditions co-exist with each other.

The document has budgeted its fiscal details into two separate categories: maintaining a safe and clean sidewalk operation, and having administrative services to maintain that order, all of which totals to $73,575.

And now it’s official: I live in an industrial environmental zone.

The air quality is not too bad and certainly not the best to breath, but hey, thankfully, the noise level of work disappears altogether near the late afternoon to early evening and there are limited to zero sound by the time regular working folks have dinner and go to bed in this part of the community.

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