New Routine at Lincoln Park

On an early weekday morning, I am driving myself to Lincoln Park to start on my daily exercise routine: jogging / running to work on my cardio.

Although this is not my first time at the park, it is however, a bit different since I do not always do my exercise routine at the park. It is however a good change of scenery that allows me to leave the city’s setting and enter a place of tranquility that helps relaxes the mind and body from the intense demands of daily life.

One of the few benefits I noticed on my way to and from the park in working out in the early morning is that traffic is much more easier to manage and that the city is much more quieter because of the limited traffic. Another benefit of having my exercise routine done at the park helps limit my exposure to the city’s air pollution since I am surrounded with trees and grass and other plants. And of course, the park provides plenty of space for me to run, hop, skip, and jump without bumping into anything that would cause major harm to my high energy level of activities and that there are people who share similar goals and it motivates me do better in my workout sessions.

So instead of spending money on annual or monthly fee on a gym membership, which I have done previously, I can have full free access to a local park and do a variety of exercise routines without having to wait for someone to finish using a particular machine or weight or have to wait for a locker to clear up or any other delays as long as I am committed to my journey.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Next Post Up: Thurs., Dec. 4th 


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