Clever Theives Invade Northeast Region Community

Locking your car doors in this part of the community does not stop or prevent thieves from stealing something from your car. They will literary steal anything that’s worth cashing in for a quick payday.

This past week another incident occurred on the public residential streets: 2004 – 2006 Toyota Camry owners awoke to find their cars missing a converter box (the box behind a car’s muffler).

A handful of residents suffered from this loss and are left with limited options: buy the part and self install it or take it to the local mechanic shop and have someone buy and fix the part back into the car.

Apparently, the perpetrator(s) who did the job are professionals: they knew the value of the part, had tools and knowledge and plans to execute and get the job done, and were more than likely people who live within or around this community and knows the surrounding keenly well.

Speaking of communities, residents of Chinatown have also experienced an identical incident too.

It is a shame people do not respect other properties and are greedy.

Next Post Up: Thurs., Jan. 22nd


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