E3: An Experience of a Lifetime, thus far

When I first entered the event this week I had little to no idea what to expect.

As I picked up my badge and walked through the main floor it looked quite fair until (as you may guess)

when the first official day started, and oh, boy was I in for a treat.


As soon as I stepped in through the entrance of the South Hall room (as

you may have seen it in this video) I am immediately

transported into another world, a video gamer’s paradise where game

trailers, game play and demos are playing on large

projected screens mounted on the walls in a 90 degree arch. As the

images are running, they are accompanied with digital

surround sound booming through several speakers. And like a

symphony the lights above begin to dance across the room

along with the sounds and images.  And the smell of new plastic fills the

air as it is not hard to notice it since I am in a video

game environment filled with all the existing consoles imaginable.


Yes, this is a video game convention show, but not in its conservative

sense. In that I mean, as mentioned in the description

above, it feels more like a video game launch party, as it should, since

these are new releases being demoed to the semi-

public before the rest can get their hands on it.

But I must say, there is something satisfying about playing a video

game at E3 that I probably would not get simply playing at a friend’s, family’s, or at home. (And no it is not that I and

others at the event can get first crack at it before the rest, which is the ego speaking) no, it is the experience one gets from

the set-up of how respective companies make each of their video game feel for the player at the event. The companies

make an extreme effort in ensuring the player feels as though one is really there by creating that specific environment and

atmosphere. As you will see in the video below, production companies of Mad Catz Inc. and Harmonix Music Systems have

teamed up to produce Rock Band 4 to give players an opportunity to take center stage with the game play of guitar and

vocal to become rock stars at E3:

Oh, and did I mention the world is here? Yes, literally people from around the world are all here under one roof. And the

culture from one company to another is quite noticeable in every aspect on how they engage their audience when

promoting their game and services. Using methods like displaying cute cuddly animal mascots, macho muscle cars,

to sexy characters and video game art design posters and other eye catching candy to attract audiences, these diverse

companies have laid down almost every approach to have audiences coming back for more action.

Next update: Saturday, June 20th; FINAL DAY @ E3 2015

More coverage photos of the event are seen here: http://wp.me/PHViF-BY


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