At The Library: Where Minds, Stomachs, And Spirits Are Nurtured

This summer children and teenagers at the Lincoln Heights Library

are nurturing their minds with this year’s summer theme reading

program call “Read to the Rhythm.”

It’s an opportunity for children and teenagers to earn prizes as they

read books of their own choosing and it also gives them some time

to familiarize themselves with  their local library’s collection and

meet the people who works and maintain the library’s operation in

the community.

Children, teenagers, and parents gathered in Lincoln Heights Library participating in the free lunch program sponsored by Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

And what better way to enjoy one’s stay in the library than a free

lunch? Children and teenagers are invited to participate and satisfy

their hunger in this year’s summer lunch program sponsored by Los

Angeles Regional Food Bank, a not for profit organization.  

Currently, there are ten other Los Angeles Public

Library branches and that includes Central too, participating with

the program.

The lunch program has started since June 8th and will run until

Friday, July 31st. Their operation hours are Monday through Friday

from 12:30 – 1:30pm, and are run under the policy of first come first

serveTo participate, check whether your local Los Angeles branch

library’s participant, by clicking here.


And to keep the good spirit of summer alive, how about we learn to

make better decisions this season toward improving our health

every day? On the day of my visit to the library, a representative

from Campeones del Cambio (Champions For Change; according to

Google translate) attended with a campaign sponsored by

the state’s Department of Public Health to inform and educate the

general public about the benefits of engaging in healthy exercises,

eating and drinking well, and offered tips and ideas to improve one’s

well being.  For more information on this campaign, check it out



Cheers to a wonderful and healthy start of Summer 2015!


Next Post Update: Thursday, July 2nd







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