Southern California Cities: Los Angeles and San Diego

Being from the city of Los Angeles, one becomes immune to the rush from one place to the next – especially when the distance between the two places are about a 15 to 30 minutes drive away depending on traffic condition.

However, when I’m in San Diego a simple 2 to 5 minutes walk round the corner to travel between the two destinations appear to feel weird to me because I’m used to the in between traffic.

Yes, being from Los Angeles has made me think like this and for non-residents or new visitors to Los Angeles may think it odd for me to think like this.

I suppose it is because the city of Los Angeles is so expanded that the city and the county itself continues to surrounds one because of its large coverage that it never quite leaves one outside of it.

However, at San Diego, the city itself stays within a concentrated area and when I leave it, the city remains behind me.

However, similar to Los Angeles, San Diego is quite diverse when it comes to building designs and population growth among people who lives and works there.

Unlike Los Angeles, San Diego seems much cleaner and the air is not so polluted.

Both cities are unique in itself and I wouldn’t give up any opportunities to stay in either cities – let alone want to leave this beautiful yet water struggling state.

Next Post Update: Thursday, August 6th and we’re going to bring you back to summer’s glory days!


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